Get rewarded for finishing your
side project

Make progress on your project & get rad things in the mail. Fail to make progress & we'll make you feel terrible, with rad things.

Do you have a personal project that you're struggling to make progress on? We'll send you real physical mail that helps you stay on task and finally finish your project!

You see, this is an app with a subscription service where you control what you receive in the mail based on whether you put in the effort.

Do your work and make progress
Get something rewarding in the mail

Each month where you make good progress we'll send you something rad to reward to help you stay on track.

Fail to make progress
Get something motivating in the mail

If you fail to complete your check-ins and you're not putting in the effort what we send you will reflect that and remind you that this project is of value to you.

And motivate you it will. Yes, Yes! Mwahaha!

What sorts of stuff send me?

Every month it's different and we don't know in advance what it will be, other than it will be of greater value than you spent and help to keep you making progress on your side project, which is why you're here afterall. Generally speaking, we'll choose some items from the following categories.

What do you get?

Artwork commisioned by us for you!

Each month is from a different artist who created one off pieces to keep you motivated and reward you!

Apparel from rad places

Yes, that might mean socks, though, it may also mean shirts etc.


Actually, not this. No pineapples.

Delicious treats to enjoy

Sometimes the best reward is something you can eat, it can also be a pick-me-up if you're not yourself lately.


You might not be driving a rental supercar through the Beverlly Hills just yet, knowledge will likely help get you there!

Motivational pieces

What does "motivational pieces" mean? Well, let's just say that we've put some thought into this to help you feel inspired to get back on course.

Stickers and gear

There's some amazing stories out there of side projects that got big. We've got stickers and stories to remind you where you're going!

Products and games.

Sometimes what you need is some software to really move you ahead or games to reward you. We've got the hookup!

Isn't it time that you finally finish that project for you?

Frequently asked questions!

Some real, some imaginary, you decide.

What will you mail me?

Every month it's different, but it's always something you'll enjoy and remind you that you're making progress. You control what you receive in the mail, be it rewarding or motivating, and we're talking REAL PHYSICAL MAIL here, based on whether you reply to the app's check-ins or not. Motivating is not a "bad" or terrible gift, it's something you'll appreciate and enjoy. We want you to succeed!

How does the app work

The app is simple, we check in with you, via email, about your progress for the period you've signed up for. You then reply, we log that in the ledger and help keep you on track.

Nail your updates and you'll be rewarded. Fall behind and we'll send you something, ahem, motivating.

What's with the Pineapple?

We like to get shit done, we could have spent hours bike-shedding the creative, in the end the Pineapple is one of the prickliest of foods so that seemed in line with a jerk of a service like this.

I have a question you haven't answered or text us, 250-417-5497