Stop playing games and finish your side project!

Each month we'll make you feel like shit for not finishing your side project.

Do you have a personal project that you're struggling to make progress on? We'll pester you like a project manager would to help you stay on task and finally finish your project!

Isn't it time that you finally finish that project for you?

Frequently asked questions!

Some real, some imaginary, you decide.

What will you mail me?

Daily check in sent to your inbox that you NEED to reply to. Based on whether you reply to the app's check-ins or not the tone changes. We want you to succeed! We're just a bit of a jerk about it from time to time.

How does the app work

The app is simple, we check in with you, via email, about your progress for the period you've signed up for. You then reply, we log that in the ledger and help keep you on track.

We help you develop a habit of progress!

What's with the Pineapple?

We like to get shit done, we could have spent hours bike-shedding the creative, in the end the Pineapple is one of the prickliest of foods so that seemed in line with a jerk of a service like this.

I have a question you haven't answered or text us, 250-417-5497